Controlling Anxiety

From a person who does suffer from anxiety, it’s the worst.

Fortunately, there are ways to manage it. Though every person is different, there is always going to be a solution to help with your study induced woes. For example:

If you tend to worry until your brain might melt, KEEP A PLANNER. Every time a homework assignment is given, a due date, or maybe an exam date, you whip our your planner and put that stuff in it. that way, you always have a backup and can free your mind for other things. There are many different kinds of planners, but I personally like to use a bullet journal because it’s customizable to my own needs.
When it comes to anxiety in general, keeping a diary would be a good idea. I actually tried to keep one in school, and although I was slightly worried about privacy, drawing and writing out my feelings definitely helped me feel better.
If you’re not feeling like talking during class, tell the teacher/professor before the lesson/lecture starts. Not only will they respect your decision, but they will also appreciate that you were mature enough to tell them before the lecture.
Have a bookmarks folder to hold the websites that make you calm down, laugh until your sides hurt, or just simply brighten your day. I especially like the blog potpurrri right now. (this might not work if you’re at school, but if I start to feel anxious when writing an essay at home, I use this to calm down)
Look at other studyblrs to help with school. Tons of them have masterposts of how to write an essay or dealing with finals. It’s a really good tool!